Ribbons & tapes


We print on ribbons and tapes made of natural or even synthetic fibers.

We realize continuous printing (with frames or cylinders) from 1 to 5 colors.
We print on tapes from 1 mm height to 50 cm.
Small details of particular graphics printed on labels or narrow tapes.
Printing on “ready to dye” tapes, resistant to dye or other agressive wash.

“Print in reserve”, printings that absorb the dye less or more than the tapes where printings are made.
Other particular printings: embossed printing, silicone printing, glitter, embossed glitter, no-slip printing

Continuos logos or small logos printed with a hot buffer that imprint a bas-relief graphic.
NEW!! Hot printing with metalic foil or other materials on tapes up to 30 cm maximum height.

Sublimation printing on ribbons made of polyester or cotton-polyester fabric. White or light colored tapes. No limits for the number of colors that’s possible to use, photographic effects.

We use application materials like metallic foils, flocks, mat or shiny thermo material, reflective items, rhinestones or studs applied on continuous tapes.

An elegant embossing print that allows to realize even the tiniest cuts. Ideal for luxury packaging.